Het schijnt dat ik rond deze tijd uit de operatiekamer kwam na een operatie aan een doorgebroken, ontstoken blindedarm. Niet echt veel last gehad, een behoorlijke buikpijn, maar ook niet meer dan dat.


The US is becoming a police state


From CNN:

The move to enlist truckers comes as the federal government trains other civilian workers -- from suburban shopping mall security guards to city doormen -- to be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

Problems installing software on PDA


Today I had a lot of problems installing some software on a Windows CE based PDA. When the installation procedure tried to open the software screen of Active Sync the screen would open but close again immediately. The installation program would claim the software was installed, which it wasn't. Shutting down Zonealarm solved the problem.


How to get a CVS server working on sarge


If you've installed the default cvs package on Debian sarge, but chose not to configure it as a CVS server, you've got problems when you want to correct that. So far I've followed these steps:

    <li>Remove and reinstall cvs package. Didn't help.</li>
    <li>Create a cvs user</li>
    <li>Change ownership of /var/lib/cvs to cvs user</li>
    <li>Add <br><code>2401    stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/bin/cvs cvs --allow-root=/var/lib/cvs pserver</code><br> to /etc/inetd.conf</li>

Hmm, nothing I tried worked. I just found another machine with no prior CVS install and made it work there.


Fedora Core 3 installation on an old IBM PII


I encountered the following:

    <li>The Mitsumi drive in the PC resulted in a kernel panic. This is a known bug in the Linux kernel.</li>
    <li>When the installer (Anaconda) wanted to access the harddisks, this resulted in an assertion fail (heads&gt;0 and heads
    </li><li>Before yum will work, the GPG key needs to be installed. Do this using <code>rpm --import /usr/share/rhn/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora</code></li>&gt;</ol></body></html>

De grootste Nederlander


Mijn hemel, een relnicht met grootheidswaanzin die de grootste Nederlander aller tijden is? Is er geen betere kandidaat voor die titel?

Nou ja, dit is hetzelfde land dat doet alsof terrorisme iets nieuws is en dat het met wat meer blauw op straat (of incognito) op te lossen is... Alsof er ooit grootschalige arrestaties zijn geweest van RAF of IRA cellen. Ook die kampeerden in Nederland!

Daarnaast een regering die het land zo in de put praat dat de economie nog steeds niet wil opstarten. Zucht.

Wie wil met mij mee naar een eiland in de Pacific?


"Aren't there any terrorists out there?"


The US department of Homeland Security has way too much time on its hands. They don't even know when patents expire.


Different Asterisk logfile location


If you don't want to log to /var/log/asterisk, but to a different directory, just add a full path to the logfile name:

verbose => verbose

/full/path/verbose => verbose


Building the zaptel modules on debian


How to build the zaptel (FXO/FXS hardware for Asterisk) modules on Debian using the debian kernel source package.

    <li>apt-get install kernel-source-&lt;kernel-version&gt;</li>
    <li>apt-get install kernel-patch-scripts</li>
    <li>apt-get install kernel-package</li>
    <li>cd /usr/src</li>
    <li>tar -jxf kernel-source-&lt;kernel-version&gt;.bz2</li>
    <li>ln -s kernel-source-&lt;kernel-version&gt; linux</li>
    <li>cp /boot/config-&lt;kernel -version&gt; /usr/src/linux/.config</li>
    <li>cd linux</li>
    <li>cd &lt;source directory&gt;</li>
    <li>export <br>/usr/cvsroot</li>
    <li>cvs login</li>
    <li>cvs checkout zaptel</li>
    <li>cd zaptel</li>
    <li>make install</li>

If you're planning on using the ztdummy module, edit the zaptel Makefile before compiling. Remove the # in front of ztdummy in the modules= declaration.


Vacation diary needs more content


I just realised, I still have to add the last four days to the vacation diary. I will try to find some time soon! I promise!


S5 is ready


As mentioned before, Eric Meyer is working on an HTML based Powerpoint replacement. It is now ready!


Finally an artist who understands


Finally an artist who understands what the purpose is of the entertainment industry. Not ripping people of, but making money entertaining people.


HTML based slideshows


Eric Meyer (CSS god), has been working on an HTML based slideshow system. It works quite well!

I want a mac


I want a mac: a a dual G5. Or a Powerbook.

Sadly, they are much too expensive compared to an Intel based laptop :-(


On losing your favourite magazine


Todd Dominey writes about the loss of Nest:

There’s something incredibly sad when a publication you had grown to admire, enjoyed reading, and (most importantly) looked forward to receiving, goes belly up.

I had the same feeling when Byte stopped being a real magazine.