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differences between windows and unix programmers

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<html><body><a href="">Joel Spolsky</a> has a nice <a href="">review</a> of Eric S. Raymond's <a href="" art of unix programming>.

"<quote>When Raymond <a href="">points out</a> that the CSV format is inferior to the /etc/passwd format, he's trying to score points for Unix against Windows, but, you know what? He's right. /etc/passwd is easier to parse than CSV, and if you read this book, you'll know why, and you'll be a better programmer.</quote>"</a></body></html>

why this machine is called brittanic

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<html><body><p>It all started when I bought a second hand Compaq P120 and inserted two el cheapo NICs because I intended it to be my Internet gateway. For some reason if there was some load from my workstation to the internet the gateway had a kernel panic. So I called it titanic (no too mention the fact that I have a list from a <a href=";start=20&amp;hl=nl&amp;lr=&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;group=alt.sysadmin.recovery&amp;scoring=d&amp;;rnum=24">newsgroup</a> I like to read, in which it featured quite prominently).

As I said in an <a href="">earlier article</a> in this blog, titanic had a harddisk failure. I had another system available to take over from titanic, because I was having some performance and harddisk space problems with it. This machine is called <a href="">brittanic</a> and

it is (of course) running Linux. It is also the web, mail and shell server. <a target="_top" href="">Olympic</a> is my Windows 2000 workstation, which I need for some Windows development things I still do.

As a replacement for brittanic, I bought a second hand IBM PC, which is called <a href="">lusitania</a>.</p></body></html>

problem solved

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<html><body><p>If you open a div in a DateHeader thingie, close it in a DateFooter. Also, all markup used for a single date should go in those two elements.</p></body></html>

new photos added

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<html><body><p>I added some new photo albums to the site.

The first one is of something happening around the orkplace. They're building this highrise and because it's nearly finished, the crane used to build the building has to be removed. To do that you need another, <a href="">bigger</a>, <a href="">crane</a> (<a href="">more info</a>).

The second album is about What I Did Last Weekend. The group, which owns the company I work for, has existed for 5 years now and this fact had to be celebrated. One of the things you do when celebrating, is you give a present. While we could have bought something, we decided to build a phone booth to demonstrate our product. <a href="">Here's</a> the result of two long days (going to bed at 2:30) of hard work.</p></body></html>

free software/open source-telephony-summit 2004

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<html><body><p>Next January, the <a href="">Free Software/Open Source-Telephony-Summit 2004</a> is being held in Geilenkirchen, Germany. A lot of really interesting people will give talks. I might try to go and attend it. Looks very nice.

<strong>Update:</strong> I thought it was in Karlsruhe, but in fact, the location is Geilenkirchen...</p></body></html>