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added a random picture

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<html><body><p>I just finished adding a random picture to the <a href="/index.html">main index</a>.

Download <a href="">block-random.phps</a>, rename it to block-random.php and copy it to your Gallery directory. Then add this PHP include to the file you want to add a random picture to: <code>&lt;?php include(""); ?&gt;</code>. The current code allows you to add a <code>?album=albumname</code> parameter to the php file, so you can force it to use just one album.

I had to edit the code a little bit, because it expects to be embedded within an IFRAME. Because they are evil, I hacked the code to only generate an IMG tag.</p></body></html>

political compass

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<html><body><p>From CSS god <a href="">Eric Meyer</a>'s page: If you want to know, how you scale on a left-right, libertarian-authoritarian quadrant, checkt out the <a href="">Political Compass</a>.

Oh, what the heck, <a href=";X=-3.88&amp;Y=-4.21">here</a>'s my score as well.

Hmm, now I did it, I talked politics on my blog. I'm doomed.</p></body></html>

dutch minister uses internet telephony

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<html><body><p>Dutch minister of <a href="">Transport, Public Works and Water Management</a> Karla Peijs has tested the <a href="">Pilmo</a> VoIP service on a trip to the Chech republic.

<a href="">Here</a>'s a picture of her, trying it with a demo kit we made ourselves. The woodworking is mainly me, just like with the <a href="">phonebooth</a>. The collegues helped with the rest of the stuff, there's a really nice system to hold the telephone, which allows battery replacements.</p></body></html>

fedora core 1 on a dell inspiron 5150

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<html><body><p>To get Fedora to run on a Dell Inspiron 5150 is pretty easy. The installation procedure will take care of most things automatically.

<span class="update"><em>Update:</em> I had a complaint about leaving Windows on the machine, so I changed the text slightly ;-)</span>

<span class="update"><em>Update:</em> Added some information about ACPI and some module configuration stuff</span>

<span class="update"><em>Update:</em> Grub is the only bootloader available.</span>


First you have to decide if you want to keep your Windows partition. If you want to be able to boot into Windows, you will have to resize the partition to make room for Linux. You can do this by using Partition Magic (version 8) or using the <a href="" title="fedora core 1 (or redhat 9) on the hp compaq nx7000">howto</a> Villegas wrote. If you don't want to keep Windows, just create partitions over the existing partitions.

Then pop in the 1st Fedora CD and reboot the machine. I let the installer automatically create partitions in the free space Partition Magic created. Install the stuff you need and wait for the procedure to end.

On reboot you will notice that you can't boot the default SMP kernel, you will have to boot the normal kernel for the time being. Continuing to boot the normal kernel will not help much, because Fedora wil try to start X. Because the NVIDIA driver has not been installed, it will not work.

In Grub, go to the non-SMP kernel using the keyboar, then press the "A" key. Add the number 3 at the end of the command line and press ENTER. Now Fedora will boot to text mode and you can login. Login and go to the <a href="" title="nvidia linux drivers portal page">NVIDIA</a> site and download the latest driver for X. Make sure you also download the README file if you haven't installed NVIDIA drivers before. Otherwise the installation might be a bit difficult.

After installation edit /etc/X11/XF86Config according to the README file, making sure the correct resolution for your screen is available. I had to add the 1600x1200 resolution.

Now you can start X to make sure it works, or just assume it will work and reboot and see wat else fails ;-)

After this I tried to get DVD replay to work. After some trouble with Xine, I just installed Ogle by installing the RPMS from They have RPM's available for Fedora Core 1 (Yarrow). See the <a href="" title="ogle rpm download page">Ogle RedHat RPM download page</a> and look for the FreshRPMS links and download the RPM using that link. Make sure you also install alsa-lib from FreshRPMS.

While starting up, you might notice some warnings from modules failing to work or failing to be found. Villegas has a <a href="" title="Villegas example /etc/modules.conf file">modules.conf</a> file, from which the lines about the floppy (/dev/fd0) module, the APM BIOS warnings and the AC'97 sound warnings should be copied to your own /etc/modules.conf file.

To see the battery status, open /etc/grub.conf in your favourite editor and add "acpi=on" to both kernel boot options. I also changed the default boot choice from 0 (the SMP kernel) to 1, for the normal kernel.

Now I just need to get Power Management and Hyperthreading to work. I already know I have to get kernel 2.6 for Hyperthreading to start working properly.

For those of you wondering what is in this laptop:


<li>Pentium 4 3.06GHz</li>

<li>768 MB RAM</li>

<li>nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 64MB</li>

<li>60GB HD</li>


<a href="" title="KNOPPIX - Live Linux Filesystem On CD">KNOPPIX</a> will not work, there's some problem during startup, but as the screen remains blank, I don't know which problem.</body></html>

fotos from free software / open nsource telephony summit

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<html><body><p>I just put <a href="">some fotos</a> online I took at the FS/OSS Telephony Summit 2004 in Geilenkirchen, Germany.

Craig Southeren also has <a href="">some fotos</a> online, as well as <a href="">GiantHome</a>

I took the picture of the OpenH323 team, and yes, there's even a couple of fotos where you can find me...</p></body></html>

openH323 presentation online

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<html><body><p>The presentation <a href="">Craig Southeren</a> gave at the Open Source / Free Software Telephony Summit in Geilenkirchen, Germany is now online as a Powerpoint <a href="">file</a> and as an IE only HTML <a href="">page</a>.</p></body></html>

nice profit

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<html><body><p>Today started real nice. When I arrived at Schiphol airport to take the train to Rotterdam, I noticed one vending machine with a problem. Two bags of crisps were positioned in such a way that they were unable to fall to the slot where you can extract them from the machine. From experience I know that a third attempt to buy from the machine will result in you getting three bags for the price of one ;-)

Now I have to eat crisps :-(</p></body></html>


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<html><body><p>Op <a href="">RTLZ</a> werd zonet de stelling geponeerd dat een deel van de gevoelens van onveiligheid die bij Amsterdammers leven veroorzaakt zouden worden door het <a href="">grote aantal liquidaties</a> van de laatste tijd.

Alsof iedereen het gevaar loopt geliquideerd te worden. Of is de Bijlmerbajes het vakantiehuisje van de gemiddelde Amsterdammer?</p></body></html>