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really nice backpack

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<html><body><p>If you're looking for a backpack to carry your laptop, check out those available from <a href="">Tom Bihn</a>. I've received my <a href=";Product_Code=TB0104&amp;Category_Code=300&amp;Product_Count=2">Brain Bag</a> two weeks ago and I still haven't found anything wrong with it. I ordered the <a href=";Store_Code=001&amp;Product_Code=TB0330">Monolith</a> laptop case to really protect my laptop and a <a href=";Store_Code=001&amp;Product_Code=TB0302">Snake Charmer</a> for all the cables. The Brain Bag was a bit larger than I suspected, but there's no substitute for cubic inches ;-). If you don't want or need a big backpak, the <a href=";Product_Code=TB0103&amp;Category_Code=300&amp;Product_Count=1">Smart Alec</a> might be something for you.

I know the backpacks might be a bit expensive, but so far the Brain Bag is worth every euro I spent on it. Just don't forget the taxes you need to pay when importing from overseas.

I must be becoming greedy. I'm now wondering if I might need the <a href=";Store_Code=001&amp;Product_Code=TB0344">Freudian Slip</a></p></body></html>