Brittanic is dead, titanic lives!

The first post to this blog (OMFG, it's already been more than 4 years?) was about how titanic died and I had to move to another server called brittanic. The last couple of weeks the Redhat 9 installation on brittanic started to act up; it's been a while since I was able to install downloads, so all the software running on it seriously out of date. What became a major issue over the las few weeks was the stock imapd running out of memory. Since brittanic was running Linux kernel 2.4, the OOM killer did what it does best, randomly killing off the wrong processes like sshd or other little used daemons like that.

So, last Saturday I took the plunge and installed Ubuntu Server on the computer and renamed it to titanic. I never thought I'd install a new Linux distribution on it before aquiring a new homeserver, so that explains the name a little.

Why Ubuntu Server? The installation procedure doesn't require a ridiculous amount of internal memory, as little as 64 Mb, so it installed without a hitch.


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