Learning the ways of Python

I don't think I've ever conciously said it here on my site, but I've never felt comfortable using PHP. Not for building (dynamic) websites and especially not as a generic scripting language. I know I've never been a wizard at PHP (far from it actually) and have no clue what some items on these lists mean, but I have seen some of the, ahh, idiosyncrasies.

A couple of months ago I had to talk to a serial interface and I couldn't find a nice library/interface that would ease the pain of having to do it all by hand. After messing around for a while I tried to do it in Python, just for fun. And in 5 minutes i was talkign to the remote system from a Python script.

Since then I have been developing more and more using Python, all little prototyping scripts, nothing major yet, but it's been a blast. Lots of nice, fully featured libraries, not too many unmaintained projects, I'm loving it.

So my next project will probably involve an AMQP interface, some SOAP, a little WebSockets, and it will all be in Python \o/


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