I don't think I've mentioned this before, but since last summer I've been quite a satisfied owner of a Sony Playstation 3. Mainly I've been using it as a BluRay player, but I've also bought a couple of games.

A couple of weeks ago Sony released a firmware update to enable the PS3 to use a new implementation of the Playstation Store. The old one was supposedly not very nice. The new version is IMHO not much better because there's still hardly any useful content on it. The free games are silly (old school Nintendo things I don't care about), the demo's are so-so and the movie trailer page is updated only once every 6 months or so.

The Flash implementation of the web browser on the PS3 is so old I can't watch any trailers from the obvious flash based trailer sites and the Quicktime support is nonexistent, so the Apple trailer site also doesn't work. How am I supposed to buy lots of movies if I can't watch a trailer?

Check for instance the Wall-E trailers, the first "teaser" is available from the Playstation Store, but since then there's been two full trailers I haven't been able to watch in glorious Full HD....

Update: Let me rephrase that, the Apple website is totally unusable even, since it hardly works using the PS3 web browser.


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