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It's been a couple of quiet months photography wise. I don't know why, but I didn't feel like taking that many "kiekjes" lately.

Anyway, I've been on a couple of cycling trips. One with my parents in the Amsterdam area and by myself to Friesland (142 kilometers in one day). Oh and my grandparents had their 60th birthday in the first week of May.

This is the best photo I have of my grandparents that I found worthy of an Internet showing. There's lots more of their guests, but this is the only one of them together (I know, I've failed, the only real argument I have is that my 50mm is a total write off). The number of guests who turned up was more than double the expected number, so they were quite chuffed at the end of the day. My grandfather had a hip replacement a couple of weeks before so it was all a little on the critical side but all went well.

Pake en Beppe, 60 jaar getrouwd

These are from the day I cycled with my parents (and took out the Santos for a spin for real again)



Broek in Waterland

Kerktoren Ransdorp

Here's a few from my trip to Friesland. For some reason I only have some useable pics from the Lelystad area. I was in too much of a hurry around Almere and too tired after Urk probably. How I hate the Noordoostpolder ;-)

De zendtoren van Lelystad

Flevopolder ten noorden van Lelystad

Flevopolder ten noorden van Lelystad

Oh and when going home from work I shot this picture with my iPhone of a nice old American car. The sun was shining while the floor and car were still wet. It looked nice and on a small resolution the photo is quite nice. Don't go pixel peeping, it sucks, I know.

Auto bovenop parkeergarage


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