Well, here it is. A new look for my site. The stylesheet file itself is called green-yellow.css, but I'm calling it Spring, although it is more summer I think. Anyway, the old style is now called winter (styles-site.css).

It was partly inspired by a design from css Zen Garden called sub:lime. The designer of this Garden entry had it pulled from the site after too many sites started copying it. I'm still not sure if I stole his design, or used it as an inspiration. I'm very bad in choosing colors, but not too bad in writing my own stylesheets and figuring out a nice structure of the site. So there.

The old design has been reworked to match the new structure of the HTML generated by Movable Type. There are some issues with long entries, which require some work on the image files to make them larger. Unfortunately, I'm not a desinger, so I'm very bad at using Potoshop or similar application.

To make switching styles real easy, I have used a piece of JavaScript from A List Apart. The code is in a seperate .js file, with an explanation in an article on the ALA site.

There's some small tidbits here and there, some were learned while creating the Ik bepaal zelf wel met wie ik bel . nl website at work.


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