titanic is gone, long live brittanic

Titanic sank last week. Well, actually, either one of the hard disks crashed or the secondary harddisk controller thought it would be nice to start generating errors at a progressively alarming rate.

I already had the successor waiting to take over from titanic. I just needed to install a Linux distribution on brittanic and all should be well. Or so I thought. A friend of mine is working on a distribution focussed on security. So I first installed Debian, changed the sources.list file and then updated to Adamantix. This was a bad idea for a first timer on a Debian based distro. At the end I had it so broken, I could'nt log in anymore.

Fortunately it was still routing traffic, so I could download Redhat 9. All is well so far, I just need to install some more stuff like gallery.

One advantage is that I have lots more harddisk space. Titanic had one 250MB harddisk and one 540 MB harddisk, both at least 8 years old. Now I have a 6 and an 8 GB harddisk, plus the current machine has a normal BIOS, although it is also a Compaq machine, but of later vintage.


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