When did I start coding (and related questions)

At stack overflow someone asked three questions about programmers and age:

  1. How old are you? 33
  2. When did you start programming? 6 or 7
  3. When was that? 1982-1983

I'm not going to post here what my first own application was, it was way too nerdy; you'll have to make me drunk to hear it. Copying code from KIJK, which featured lots of Basic code in those days obviously doesn't count. They even transmitted code via a radio station at the time.

The reason I started programming quite young is because of my parents. Both my mom (who at the time knew absolutely nothing about computers, she had some basic administrative jobs) and my dad (who at the time had a construction company) started a programming course. At the time everything was done in Basic so I also started learning that. I'll someday write about what they had to write to graduate from their course and what they did afterwards with their knowledge.

BTW, yes, I know of several programmers past 53, I had several colleagues who started programming with papertape...


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