why this machine is called brittanic

It all started when I bought a second hand Compaq P120 and inserted two el cheapo NICs because I intended it to be my Internet gateway. For some reason if there was some load from my workstation to the internet the gateway had a kernel panic. So I called it titanic (no too mention the fact that I have a list from a newsgroup I like to read, in which it featured quite prominently).

As I said in an earlier article in this blog, titanic had a harddisk failure. I had another system available to take over from titanic, because I was having some performance and harddisk space problems with it. This machine is called brittanic and

it is (of course) running Linux. It is also the web, mail and shell server. Olympic is my Windows 2000 workstation, which I need for some Windows development things I still do.

As a replacement for brittanic, I bought a second hand IBM PC, which is called lusitania.


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